Tuna Mayo Celery Sandwich

Tuna Mayo Celery Sandwich

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Tuna Mayo Celery Sandwich – Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Corn Salad -Boiled Egg – Green & Black Grapes – Dates - Muffins Tuna Mayo Sandwich


Bread slices
Cheddar cheese slice
Canned Tuna in water
Siracha sauce (optional)


For the Tuna Mayo filling,drain the water from the canned tuna,and with the help of fork, shred the tuna finely.Add in some Mayonnaise and finely chopped celery .You can add Siracusa sauce (optional).Mix well .

Take a bread slice ,Place a lettuce on it and spread the Tuna Mayo mix evenly and then top it with another bread slice.You can make it funny for your kid by cutting the sandwich in a cute dog shape.Blueberries are used for the eyes and the nose,cheddar cheese & seaweed for the mouth & brows.