Make lunch time fun with these kid's accessories

Make lunch time fun with these kid's accessories

All parents know the pitfalls that await when it comes to mealtimes. Whether at home or at school, making sure your little ones get enough goodness at the right time can definitely be a bit of a challenge. We’ve all experienced those moments when more food ends up on the floor than in the mouth or a lunchbox comes back half full. Some days you just aren’t going to win that battle, but there are things you can do to keep the war tipped in your favour overall. At Citron we know just how contrary our little darlings can be when it comes to food, so we’ve designed a range of cute lunch box accessories and fun snack accessories that will get them excited and help you ensure their nutrition counter stays high.

Cut it Up!

Even as adults we can appreciate the reality that sometimes food is just more appealing when it is in an interesting shape. Who doesn’t get a whiff of nostalgia when presented with a Mickey Mouse pancake or a delightful warmth at seeing a gravity-defying flavour combination? Well, it’s the same with kids. A nutritious filled sandwich will definitely go down quicker when it comes in the shape of an elephant, dog or butterfly. Finding it hard to get their veggie count up? A uniquely shaped carrot or cucumber suddenly becomes very tempting in a school lunchbox. Fun snack accessories like cutters and ties are also really great for getting kids excited about making their own meals. When you can involve children in the preparation, they are much more likely to enjoy eating the food. Explore our range of cute lunch box accessories with this 31 piece set and this 33 piece set that is great for cutting cheese and vegetables into interesting and highly edible shapes including a heart, star, whale, penguin and a duck.

Playful Decorations

Another great way to ramp up the enthusiasm for mealtimes or jazz up a kid’s lunch box is with cute food picks. This Citron set of 10 Animal Food Picks is specially designed for mini mealtimes and to help get kids on board with eating more fruits and vegetables. The mini shaped forks include fun designs like an elephant, panda, frog, lion and rabbit, so you can change up the instructions with an ‘eat the frog one’ instead of ‘eat the carrot’. For slightly older kids, you can use our 10 piece Googly Cartoon Eyes Food Pick Set to add some humour to lunchtime or snack time, can you imagine their faces when they open a lunchbox and find these eyes staring up at them? Epic parental points for sure. Got a little lady in the house who can be a bit fussy? Turn her around with this 6 piece Girls Fantasy Pink Purple Pick Set filled with rainbows and unicorns, which is also BPA-free and ideal for fruits, cheeses, sandwiches and vegetables.