Are Bento Lunchboxes the Way to Go?

Are Bento Lunchboxes the Way to Go?

We all know food is the fuel of life. Proper nutrition and regular, healthy eating habits are what keeps us going throughout the day. It can also significantly impact our physical and mental wellbeing. Good nutrition is especially important for kids, from babies to teenagers. By opting to include all the necessary vitamins and food groups, we can help kids feel full enough to grow in mind and body. But we can sometimes forget how valuable this can be for adults as well. Although it can be enjoyable to cast of the shackles of your mother’s advice about veggies in favor of indulging in a fast food supper once in a while, the reality is that she was right. Making good food choices in what we eat and portion control is a good idea for kids and adults.

Portion Perfection

Whether you are looking for lunch containers for adults or a petit bento lunch box for a little one, portion control should definitely be something you want to consider. Overfeeding or underfeeding can be a huge issue, both in terms of childhood development and adult health. A healthy person needs to pair a balanced diet with regular exercise in order to operate at the best, whether they are small or older. When we employ portion and compartment separation to our lunch time, we can include a variety of tastes, accommodate the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins and even include a sweet treat as needed.

Breaking Down Bento

Bento lunchboxes have certainly become more common place in recent times, conveniently popping up in school yards across the UAE and beyond. Their unique style and bespoke features are often lauded by parents as making a huge difference when it comes to feeding their kids. Bento itself refers to a ‘Japanese-style packed lunch in a special box with separate parts or containers’. Its provenance is rumored to come from a slang word that means ‘convenient’, which is very apt since bento lunch boxes are extremely convenient for both adults and children. If you’ve been wondering what is making bento lunch containers so popular, here are just some of the reasons why….

Bento Benefits

A bento lunch box is a super helpful tool when it comes to preparing a balanced meal, no matter the size of who will be enjoying it. One of the great features is their versatility. A bento lunch box allows you to mix and match flavors, store multiple courses and, for brands that offer proper insulation, provide hot or cold food throughout the day. With our Grand Lunch Box for instance you can send your little one to school with a food jar of dahl, sandwiches and fruit snacks, without the need for extra storage accessories. They are also fabulous for picky eaters, enabling you to separate potentially problematic food and create imaginative menu adventures to inspire them. Best of all bento lunchboxes are great for ensuring you pack in as much nutrition as possible, can easily manage portion sizes and they are eco-friendly. What are you waiting for?