Time to dig out the glue guns and glitter for some crafty fun

Time to dig out the glue guns and glitter for some crafty fun

Let’s face it, heading out to Mall of the Emirates for a gift – whether it be for a friend, family member or even your husband – can often get very costly. Luckily, you can make your own gifts and save those dirhams, and we’ve got some ideas for you.

Personalised calendar: There’s plenty of simple software out there that can help you create a professional-looking calendar. Just pick a photo, add it to the template (maybe ask hubby or the kids a few IT-related questions), and voilà.

Colourful kitchen utensils: The beauty of wooden kitchen utensils is that you can paint them. Just make sure you don’t get the paint on the parts that will go into the food, and ensure any colours used are all-natural.

Fruit baskets: There are many fruit delivery options in Dubai which you can make use of. Otherwise, it’s time to hit the supermarket and pick out the freshest produce. Try to go for the exotic and colourful rather than the usual. For example, dragon fruit makes for an amazing pop of pink.

Crochet cup sleeves: Those coffee cups can get pretty hot, so why not knit something up? It will look cute and protect your hands while you carry that cuppa around and get everything done.


Glitter mugs: Dip coffee mugs into coloured glitter, like gold or purple. Your loved ones will feel glamorous as they sip…

Condiment jars: Everyone loves a good salsa with nachos or garlic butter for the next cook-up, so make some varieties, pop them into jars and give them as a gift with little sweet message tags.

Gifting can be simple, interesting and only cost you a few notes, or maybe nothing at all if you’ve got it all at home!