Three tips for a clutter-free space

Three tips for a clutter-free space

Let’s start off by apologizing to mums – there’s no such thing as a 100% clutter-free kids’ room. There can be, on cleaning day, but only three minutes after the helper leaves it usually looks like a tornado has hit the space. However, we’ve got some tips that will help you keep things as tidy as possible.

Involve the kids

Mums often forget that this room is so precious to little ones. Many of the things you may think need to be thrown away can have sentimental value, so make sure the kids are involved in the process.

Also, try to ensure that they take part in any decluttering action that’s going to happen as well, asking them to help you carry things and sort boxes, for example.

Get some cubbies

These storage solutions are among the best for kids’ rooms, the reason being that young ones can simply drop their stuff into them without even having to think about it.

Otherwise, most of their belongings will either be thrown onto the floor, or at their baby siblings, so you’re really better off with a system in place.

Add definition to the room

If the room is just one big space, it’s most likely to get disorganised real quick. What you can do to avoid that, is ensure that you have some sort of structure in place. For example, adding rugs under tables visually anchors the room.

Also, bring tables away from walls: this isn’t a waste of space, it’s simply a smart way to make sure that the room is full, and give them space to move around the pieces of furniture too.

Don’t forget to lead by example, which is probably the single most important thing we can tell you. Remember, they do, what you do.