Give the gift of safe, healthy and happy eating

Give the gift of safe, healthy and happy eating

Not to brag, but did you know how awesome Citron products are? Well, we’re being a bit cheeky here, but in all seriousness, we’ve got some gift ideas for your kid’s next birthday – or even a friend’s.

The flamingo

Our hot pink feathery friend is the hero of this collection, which includes a snack box, a lunch bag with a greenish-blue leaves background and – of course – a lunchbox which comes in four or six compartments. You’ll get a free dolphin cutter too, so you can create gorgeous shapes out of food.

The car

This is a favourite among boys, so it’s selling out very fast – just like the speedy car that’s printed all over it. The food jar shows the car on a sunny road, while the lunch bag is in a hurry: “let’s go”, it says, just as kiddie would as they jump onto the bus or into mum’s ride. The snack and lunchboxes, which say “dude” are just too cool, but definitely the right amount of cool for school.

The unicorn

This is another bundle that comes with a free dolphin cutter and includes a beautiful lunchbox in a striking pink hue. The lunch bag is the epitome of cuteness, with flowers and rainbows all over. Don’t forget the bamboo lunchbox, which has all the benefits of this anti-bacterial material, or the snack box which wishes your child a “bon appetit”.

The Dino

The little blue dinosaur is driving to school, and these lunchboxes are oh-so-adorable. He poses for a close-up on the food jar with some trees in the background, and on the lunch bag – he roars. We also love the orange detailing on the bag and how it pops all over the collection which makes the blue, which is the primary colour, stand out.

These bundles are what birthday dreams are made of. Hurry up and grab one (or two) for the next party!