Creating the perfect invite for the occasion

Creating the perfect invite for the occasion

A child’s first birthday party is a big deal – a really big deal. They’re celebrating getting a year older (but not wiser in any way) and you want to make sure everything is on point.

Messing up something as important as the invitation can easily turn into a mama crisis, and that’s why we have some tips for you on ensuring that the invite is in top shape.

Send them out early. Many kids’ birthdays will fall in the same month, and often on the same day, so you will want to claim this as early on as possible – we’re talking even a month in advance.

Also, make sure the invites go out at a date when they’re likely to be received. Families may not be available during the holiday season, throughout summer, etc.

Be specific, very specific. Will you be serving lunch or dinner? Depending on the timing, kiddies will be expecting meals accordingly – and so will parents. You also need to specify whether they can bring siblings, and if parents are required to attend.

Set an RSVP deadline. You will need to eventually know how many kids will be attending, and parents if they’re part of your party. Make sure you include an RSVP date.

If you’re using an online invite, which is recommended if you’d like to save on paper, you can set an automatic reminder as well.

Print out (or email) some “thank you” notes, too. While you’re at it, remember you’ll also need to thank those who have attended. Take note of who did come, and send them a small card or email.

Happy birthday, little ones!