Cheesy Quesadillas - Cucumber - Salsa Sauce

Cheesy Quesadillas - Cucumber - Salsa Sauce

What’s in the 🍋 Citron 🍋 lunchbox today ?

Cheesy Quesadillas - Cucumber - Salsa Sauce - Strawberries - Blueberries.
We bet this lunchbox will come home empty with a very happy kid! 😆 😆

Cheesy Mexican Quesadillas in Skewers.

Ingredients :

Wheat tortillas
Fresh Capsicum (red, green & yellow)
Spring onions
Mozzarella cheese
Salsa Sauce


In a medium heat pan, place the tortilla and add finely diced carrots and yellow capsicum. Sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese. Add finely chopped spring onions, red and green capsicum.

Now place another tortilla on the top. Cook till both sides of the tortillas are crispy. Cut the Quesadillas into small squares with a pizza cutter and put the squares in skewers alternating them with cucumber slices.


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