Best Kids Lunch Box for Back to School

Best Kids Lunch Box for Back to School

As the freedom of the summer months slips away, the time has come again for our kids to return to school. As parents, this can be one of the most stressful times of the year. We have to manage shopping, organising, anxious kids and making sure they have everything they need from pencil cases to lunchboxes. To make sure our growing kids can get the most out of their school day, from play to learning, it is important to keep them alert and energised with good nutritious meals and snacks. A big part of accomplishing that is by equipping them with the best kid’s lunch box and expertly made lunch boxes that keep food warm or chilled depending on your menu for the day. To help you give your kid’s the best start for back to school and to keep term time running smoothly and them fuelled for the classroom, here is our guide to the best kid’s lunch box.

The Thermal Lunch Box

Our Grand Lunch Box with its four bento-style compartments is the largest and most effective kid’s lunch box we have at Citron. Unlike many others available in the back to school market, the Citron Grand Lunch Box is lightweight, so it won’t overload your children, and it comes with space for two food jars that can keep food at temperature right up until lunchtime and beyond. Its unique and highly functional features are what makes this thermal lunch box stand out even more. As well as having space for a full day’s worth of food, the lunch box is non-toxic and free from BPA, Phthalates and lead, so you know it is safe for your kids. It is leak-proof so it won’t spill in a bag, it is lined with removable silicone for easy cleaning and it opens easily, even for the smallest of hands who are hungry for lunch! Best of all it comes in 7 themes and colours, so you can choose the one that works for you and have it personalised with your child’s name for FREE!

Adding Even More

One of the added benefits of our thermal lunch box, the Grand Lunch Box, is that it comes with some fabulous accessories including a sauce container and a vacuum insulated food jar. A specially designed food jar for kids, like the one from Citron, allows you to add even more ambitious and delicious flavours to your kid’s lunch box. Thanks to its insulated design, you can keep the food warm for up to 6 hours and cool for up to 7 hours. As well as the thermos food jar, the lunch box comes with its own sauce container, which is compact and versatile, allowing you to add savoury or sweet liquids as dips or as toppings to be added later and prevent sogginess. If you want to compliment the lunch box even more you can further accessorise it with a stylish and hydrating water bottle, a reusable cutlery set and a set of slim, non-toxic ice packs to keep things cool. Pair all of these with a Citron backpack or lunch bag and your little one will be good to go