Throwing in the towel? We’ll help you get back on track

Throwing in the towel? We’ll help you get back on track

Kids love to play, so time spent in the bathroom isn’t really time well-spent for them. They’ll try to get out of there as soon as they can – or make it too much of an enjoyable experience – which means more of a mess for you to clean up. Here are our tips to help you keep the kids’ bathroom neat and tidy:

Hang some baskets

These storage solutions come in handy because they can carry so much without taking up too much space. They are great for those smaller items such as the bath rubber duck that keeps getting lost or that mini shower gel that you just can’t seem to find.

Open up those shelves

Instead of using drawers or cupboards, use open shelves instead. While it may technically be the same amount of space inside, they’re way better for easy access – especially when the kids are too lazy to open/close (which is almost always the case).

Build more than one sink

This is an investment, but it’s totally worth it. Kids use the sink for practically anything, and their excuse for “go wash your hands” will almost always be “my brother/sister is using the sink”. Three boys fighting to brush their teeth? We’ll let that sink in…

citron kids bathroom

Bring Captain Hook in

Hooks, the good quality ones of course, are practical if you’d like to avoid those piles of wet towels and clothes on the floor – a very common sight in kids’ bathrooms. Just try to find ones that won’t collapse at the first tug, leaving you with questionable glue marks on the door.

Citron kids bath

Create a bath box

Time for some DIY, and we don’t mean with glitter. Bring out those wooden boxes and make a nice bath buddy for your kids. You don’t want that shampoo falling into the tub and making a mess, or that loofah torn into a million pieces either.

Ready to get your bathroom organised? Don’t blame us if the kids start loving bathtime.