Back to School Accessories that will Simplify your Life

Back to School Accessories that will Simplify your Life

Having kids is a blessing. Even on the days it doesn’t quite feel like it (and we’ve all had some of those, haven’t we!) But despite the undeniable joy those little rascals can bring to our lives, they can also be a bit of a handful from time to time. That might be why one of the best things you can share with a parent is a secret on how to make life just that little bit easier. Entire Mums and Dads groups on the internet and social media are devoted to tips and tricks that will speed things up, calm a child or make things run a little more smoothly. At Citron our entire mission is to create safe, high quality products that make life easier for kids, adults and parents. So this week we wanted to take a look at a range of accessories that should be on your back to school essentials list and will definitely lend a helping hand. Let’s face it, you deserve a break!

Back to School Accessories to Shop Today

Finding the right kids lunch accessories can be a bit hit and miss. From cutlery sets for kids to icepacks for lunch bags, you need to make sure you choose items that will be reliable and actually make a positive impact, to their day and yours. To help you sort through the array of options, we’ve highlighted some top quality accessories for your back to school essentials shopping list that will tick the useful box for parents and the fun box for kids.

These are our top picks for effective and useful kids lunch accessories and back to school add ones that will make a huge difference:

  • Plan it. Keep track of things with an advance Lunchbox Meal Planner specifically designed for school lunches and with handy images to allocate flavours in all the right places.
  • Chill it. Keep things cool with our slim, non-toxic Ice Pack Sets available in a variety of themes including Spaceship, Cherry and Dino. Adding ice packs for lunch bags to your back to school shopping list is a great way to keep food and liquids chilled until snack time or lunchtime.
  • Style it. Ensure your little ones can’t wait to eat their vegetables and nibbles with this Citron Set of 33 Fruit, Vegetable and Cheese Cutter for Lunchbox. This is an easy and effective way to get them excited about the nutritious bites of fruit and vegetables that have all the vitamins they need.
  • Dip it. Add some kick and pizazz to lunchtimes with these versatile Mini Sauce Containers – available in a wide range of colours. That way you can pack sauces to go over lunchtime recipes just before serving or add in a punchy sauce for dipping like a yogurt to pair with fruit or vegetables.
  • Serve it. Do you know first hand how sticky and messy your kid can get during mealtimes? You are not alone! Make sure to add a stylish Cutlery Set to your back to school essentials shopping list. Available in a range of themes, this Citron Cutlery Set is made from the finest stainless steel, so it is reusable (good for the planet) and has its own non-toxic silicone case.