School lunches don’t have to be chore, and we’ll tell you how

School lunches don’t have to be chore, and we’ll tell you how

We see you mum, standing in the kitchen at midnight, looking for those carrots you had chopped earlier for the stew – trying to figure out how to make the orange veggie look more appealing.

citron 10min lunch

Here’s where we come to the rescue. Believe it or not, lunchbox prep can be done in 10 minutes, or even 5 once you get used to it. We’ll tell you exactly how to do it:

  • Prepare all veggies ahead of time. Bugs Bunny may love a whole carrot, but unless it’s the baby version the kids will require it in sticks. Get chopping on Saturday nights and store everything in an airtight container in the fridge. All you have to do is add a handful to the lunchbox in the morning and you’re done.
  • Do the same fruits, but don’t forget to line the airtight container with handy towels. Also, instead of chopping up watermelons, you can use cutters to make them into adorable shapes that the kids will love.
  • Pre-make healthy lunches and store them in the freezer so that they’re ready to go. There are plenty of ideas on our blog, but what about chickpea and apple balls, mini quiches or savory muffins with a cheese filling?
  • Those long supermarket trips can come in handy, we promise. Buy some pre-packaged snacks, but try to look for preservative-free options and simple, wholesome ingredients. Throw those into the lunchbox and you’re halfway there.
  • When cooking dinner, make a little extra. Bolognese may not be the most practical option for a school lunch, but pasta salads – for example – are great for school lunchboxes. Use dinner dishes as sandwich fillings when appropriate (hello, roast beef).

That’s it, and the lunchbox is all done now. We told you it was easy.